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Meals I’m loving at the moment

8 Sep

A friend asked me for some meal inspiration the other day so thought I’d share a couple of meals I’m LOVING at the moment:


2 slices wholegrain bread
3 egg whites
tsp cinnamon, nutmeg and Stevia
tsp honey (optional)

Whisk egg whites, cinammon, nutmeg, stevia together. Soak bread one side then the other in the mixture and pop in a hot pan with spray oil. Turn over after about 45 secs and repeat. Drizzle with tsp honey.
This is my current off-season breakfast staple at the moment.



150g White fish
tsp red pesto
4 olives
50g rice

Cook white fish, cook rice, pop in tupperware with a teaspoon of red pesto over the fish (for good fats) and 4 olives in the box. The pesto and olives work really well together and make white fish a little less boring, again for off-season.


Last part of my post – my pat on the back: Don’t laugh, but I tried my first Nectarine yesterday! (Kirsty -is that what they’re called?) I’m not a big fruit eater but when challenged by two babies under a year and their mums, I didn’t feel like I had a choice! Thanks K and thanks for the tip on when to eat them after buying!

Have a great weekend and remember, play hard, train harder,


Sunday Roast doesn’t have to be unhealthy

23 Apr

I decided to write this blog as my brother came over yesterday for Sunday lunch. Recently, he’s been diagnosed with high cholesterol and I didn’t want to contribute to him eating unhealthily so I did one of my standard roast dinners – which isn’t how ‘normal’ people would do it apparently, so I thought I’d share with you tips to make your roast dinner a little healthier:

1) Stock up on veg

Take the opportunity to load up on veggies – these will fill you up and stop you eating too much protein, potatoes or excess fat. Yesterday, I filled my own plate with 3/4 broccolli (note I am on a bodybuilding diet) – my brother’s plate was about half full with sweetcorn, petit pois and broccolli.

2) Roast potatoes don’t have to be fattening!

Apparently ‘normal’ people roast their potatoes in goose fat (so my mum tells me). I didn’t know this, so ever since the beginning of time I’ve always used spray oil to roast my potatoes – nothing else! Not crispy enough? You may need to use a little low-sodium salt to help crisp them up.

3) Remove the salt

Roast dinners don’t have to be salt-laden fests! Yesterday I didn’t put salt on the table (we don’t have any in the house so it wasn’t an option), and I used low-sodium gravy. The saltiest thing we would’ve used, would’ve been Chicken Season All on the skin of the chicken.

4) Potatoes, OR stuffing, OR Yorkshire puddings

Consider that potato, stuffing and Yorkies are, in essence all the same thing – carbohydrate. You wouldn’t eat chips and potato for dinner so why have all 3 of these? Yesterday, I was due sweet potato as my carb source in my meal. I decided to treat myself and switch this for the equivalent carbs from stuffing. So for me, 110g Sweet potato gave me 3 stuffing balls – I was in HEAVEN!
Also ponder the question – do you need Yorkies unless you’re eating Beef? Yes, I know they’re nice but again, life is about balance, not excess.

5) Basting the chicken

You don’t need to put ANYTHING on your chicken! When I fist learnt to prepare a Chicken my mother (who thinks she’s Delia I’m sure), advised me to put butter under the skin of the chicken “It makes it go nice and crispy”, she shouldn’ve also added the disclaimer “This may be harmful to your health”. Instead, start cooking your chicken, then spoon over the juices that naturally come out through cooking to baste your bird later.

Did my brother like my roast dinner as much as his own version? Possibly not, be did he like not feeling stuffed after? Yes. Did he like feeling healthy after and not full of fat and too many carbs? Yes. Will he appreciate me helping him to find a healthier way to do something? Maybe not now, but when he goes for his Cholesterol check-up in a few months – maybe 😉


What healthy short cuts do you have? Did I miss anything r.e. roast dinner? Do you have any other great culinary tips to share?


Play hard, train harder,

Dieting for Dummies

10 Sep

One of the big changes life will throw at me for 2012 is that I won’t be able to afford to have someone oversee my diet. You’d think having Nutrition qualifications that this wouldn’t be a biggie right? Wrong! Planning my own diet is the scariest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve done it in advance because I know once I start dieting, all of my rational thought processes will go out of the window, and I’m not superwoman, I WILL do things to suit me, rather than for the best.

In total, it’s taken me 8 weeks to plan out a 20-week diet (without even thinking past the ‘If I qualify, what will I do to get me all the way to the finals’ – that’s a far too scary prospect to be honest). It’s taken me 8 weeks because it took me 2 weeks to sporadically work out macro’s food amounts, what if X happens?, what if I stop losing?; then my brain was frazzled so I hid for 4 weeks; then I had the recent period of enlightenment regarding my post-workout nutrition in particular – and then I’ve gotten my head back down again and finished the whole plan! I am extremely proud of myself.

I’ve written this thread because I wanted to highlight things you need to consider when embarking on a weight-loss programme:

  • Calorie intake – how many calories were you maintaining your weight at? If it takes 3500 cals to lose 1lb of fat you need to make sure that you’re in deficit by your normal calorie intake.
  • Exercise – how many times a week are you going to exercise? What exercise are you going to do?
  • Balanced diet – are you taking in the right nutrients? Is there carbohydrate, protein and fat in your diet? Are you consuming too much sugar through ‘low fat’ products?
  • Plateau – everyone reaches a plateau – what will you do when you reach one?
  • Water intake – the biggest reason why a lot of my clients don’t initially lose – you MUST consume enough water! It flushes out the system, aids digestion and rids the body of toxins
  • Treats – everyone needs to let their hair down once in a while – have to scheduled in times when you’ll ease up a little?
  • Habit – are you a creature of habit? Do you need to eat the same thing everyday? Beware of potential pitfalls of this!

If you consider all of these things, I’m sure you’ll have just as much success as I will do next year!

What are you doing this weekend? Training? Relaxing? Any treats planned? 

Play hard and train harder,
Flick x