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Winter Blues

7 Dec

Tonight, I’m sad. No tissues, hugs or sympathy please. I’m telling you this because I want to share with you my strategy for pulling myself out of this.
I’m not sure what’s the matter, realistically it’s probably nothing, nothing more than winter blues and a little tiredness. BUT I don’t want to feel like this tomorrow so here’s what I did to pull myself out of this.

  • I had a nap. Not very pro-active you might say but I needed a rest. I woke with just enough energy to do the other things that will make me cheer up.
  • I ate some wholesome, nutritious food. Sound straight-forward right? Well if you can say you always eat well that’s amazing and have a huge pat on the back. I knew after eating some broccolli with my chicken and rice and tsp horseradish that the latter would be my little gift to me and that the broccolli is one of my saintly foods that I always feel proud I’ve eaten. So a meal down and already I’m feeling better.
  • I made a forward plan. As I said, no looking back, what could I do moving forwards?

I set myself some mini goals for next week as these things have slipped a little and I want to be in control of giving myself the healthiest life I can:

  1. I will set alarms on my Outlook at work, to make sure I’m eating exactly when I should. The odd extra half hour creeps in here and there and I don’t want it to.
  2. I will drink 1 bottle of water before my lunch break and then an additional one between post-lunch and leaving work.
  3. I will open my rice cakes and take out what’s needed then put the packet away. I tend to eat my rice cakes at work one by one from the packet and if I get side-tracked I forget how many I’ve had. This isn’t really good enough.
  4. I will get in 3 solid workouts next week – whatever the circumstances.

That’s it for now but I KNOW I’m going to look back at this blog post next Friday, and pat myself on the back. Small babysteps forward add up to the big changes.

So, that’s my ‘Get Happy’ plan! Know what will make you feel better and make a plan to put it into action!


On other news, I can pat myself on the back for completing the Muscletalk 12 week Shape Up Challenge! You can see my results on their website


What positive changes will you make this week ahead? Why wait til New Year?

Play hard, train harder,
Flick x


Reblog: Why I do what I do

10 May

Sorry I’ve been off the radar, sometimes it’s hard to be inspirational when you feel a little down in yourself. I’m nearly 6 weeks out from my BNBF qualifier but just having a hard time with it at the moment – I’m not really sure why, but I’ll figure it out.

In my morning motivation hunt, I came across this blog by NPC Bodybuilder Gail Auerbach, I had to re-post it as I love the last paragraph and I wanted to share it with you all:

“My dad used to always tell me that the most broken drum beats the loudest…. So I ask you…..are you the broken drum or the person who displays quiet confidence?”

You can read the full blog here, it’s just a short one but there’s lots of inspiration!

Play hard, train harder,

FlickFit in Brighton Active Magazine!

12 Jan

Read about me in this month’s Brighton Active magazine and my thoughts on training clients – who knows maybe you could be my next one!

FlickFit in Brighton Active magazine!

There’s also a January offer on 5 sessions of Personal Training if you look at the bottom of the page.

You can also read Brighton Active for free every month here by clicking on the live link.

Play hard, train harder,



Training partners

27 Aug

Last night I had the pleasure to train with another bodybuilder. He’s only 3-weeks out from his British Finals with the BNBF, but we wanted to have a catch up and I train in a good bodybuilding environment with lots of old but excellent equipment – so he very graciously drove over to me in Brighton.

We trained Back and Biceps and did the following exercises:

Iso Lat Pulldown
4 sets
Lying Row
3 sets
Wide grip seated row
4 sets
Bent over DB Row
3 sets
Rope Straight-Arm pushdown
3 sets
EZ-Cable Curls
3 sets
Incline DB Curls
3 sets
Cable Hammer Curls
3 sets

I did a lot more than I would usually do as I pretty much went with whatever he wanted to do. I decided on a few exercises, but he decided on most of them. I even learnt a new way to do straight-arm pushdowns!

The reason for this post is I’ve been talking to a lot of people about training partners recently. I think if you haven’t got one, you should definitely consider investing in a good Personal Trainer to help push you through the odd workout. I know I haven’t worked that hard in ages. When you work alone there’s no-one there to push through the sticking point of a repetition, or to tell you that you can when you’re screaming you can’t! Most of all, learning new things, and watching how others do things is great. I’m going to remain inspired this weekend, have a run tomorrow and enjoy Monday doing nothing but a dog-walk!

Do you have a training partner? What’s the best thing about having one? Would you have one if you could?


Play hard, train harder.

Flick x