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The patient tree waiteth…

20 Aug

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than getting a new client. In this case I was grinning from ear to ear.

I has a consultation early this year with a couple. One side of the couple I clicked with immediately and we began working together pretty much straight away, and have been ever since. The client in question has dropped bodyfat in that time, and strength has gone through the roof – I’ve been very impressed.

The other side of the couple was a tougher nut to crack. We didn’t necessarily share the same training philosophies and she wasn’t entirely convinced I was the trainer for her. I understood completely – to get the most from your trainer, you need to have 100% belief in them.

I went back last week, and did an update for my client, I also saw my client’s partner, who suddenly said “I’d like to book in a session please” -I was grinning from ear to ear. Through seeing the progress made, she finally believes in me and we’re going to do a session together this Friday! I’m so excited, there aren’t many better feelings that can top that!

I hope you all have a great week, and remember, patience is a virtue.

Play hard, train harder,


The Evil Leg Programme from Hell!

23 Sep

I’m pretty sure I posted a while ago about a leg programme that I’d been given by a respected bodybuilder. When I train, I work best by being given challenges – be it the challenge of competing, or the challenge of something in an individual workout – I work best when I’ve got something that potentially someone is telling me I can’t do.

So, the programme was quite simple and worked as follows: 6 leg workouts, ideally spaced 5 days apart. The exercise in question was the Barbell Squat:

Workout 1: 5 reps, 5 sets 20 sec rest between sets
Workout 2: 6 reps, 6 sets 30 secs rest between sets
Workout 3: 7 reps, 7 sets, 40 secs rest between sets
Workout 4: 8 reps, 8 sets, 50 secs rest between sets
Workout 5: 9 reps, 9 sets, 60secs rest between sets
Workout 6: 10 reps, 10 sets, 70 secs rest between sets.

Now, the trick with the programme, is, you use the same weight throughout. So you have to not pick a weight that’s too easy, but likewise, keep your ego in check so that you can complete your 10×10 final workout.

I selected 50kgs (I really wanted to do 45kgs but didn’t want to feel like I might’ve had some left in there at the end of the workout).

After Workout 1, I did leave the 5 days until Workout 2. From there on though, there’s no way I could only leave 5 days in between sessions – my legs were still screaming on Day 5!

This was my last workout:
Squat programme today – I did it! I nailed 10×10! And when I say nailed – I mean it was my best squatting of the entire programme!

bodyweight 12 reps
20kgs 12 reps
50kgs 10 reps, 10 sets
Set 1 – I thought I was never going to get to set 10.
Set 5 – I was relieved to get half-way through and felt hopeful.
Set 7 – EVIL set 7! Everytime it’s the hardest set!
Sets 8-9 – breathing was calm, I was powerful.
Set 10 – pure beauty – seriously. Great depth for all sets and good form (I think). YAY ME! 
Now I’ve completed that programme (which at the start, I was finding it hard to mentally picture even doing 10 squats at 50kgs!) I feel unstoppable in the gym – in everything I do. It’s given me so much self-confidence it’s unreal.
So, that’s my Leg workout from hell – what’s yours?

Play hard, train harder,

Massage and how it can help you

22 Sep

Massages – do you have them? Are they for relaxation? To relieve stress? To soothe aching muscles?

I decided to write this blog after having a fantastic massage last week. Kym Thorburn from Chilled Massage in Hove  is my local masseuse and got me thinking about how massage can help me get the most from my workouts.

There are different types of massage from Aromatherapy to Hot Stone to Sports Massage – all use different techniques and may be used for different purposes and requirements of the individual.

Massage affects every system of the body. It can help with digestive stress through elimination of toxins and increased circulation. It makes you feel good and relaxed by releasing endorphins (happy hormones and natural pain killers) and has been proven to reduce stress levels by lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

For resistance trainers, the increase in circulation brought about by massage can help rid the body of metabolic toxins that are built up during a weights workout, it also can aid the body’s ability to heal an injury – as all of the muscle fibres that are broken down during a workout have increased blood flow to them as a direct result of massge.

Personally, I always focus on getting my Back massaged and my Legs. I have a slight postural imbalance in my Shoulders which at it’s worst means I often look ‘lop-sided’ when the muscles are tight. Getting a massage means that by the end of it, I’ll be standing straight again – at least for a while! I also get my Legs massaged as they’re the biggest bodypart. They take all the stress from general day-to-day activity, and then get brutalised in the gym after a Leg workout! I often have several days of sliding downstairs on my butt as I’m unable to bend my knees and massage helps relieve this tension. I also have an incredibly tight Iliotibial Band (ITB)  on each leg which can play havoc with my flexibility – which is already pretty poor. After a massage, my range of motion dramatically increases.

Treat your body like you’d treat your children – with utmost care. Have a massage a minimum of once a month, and combined with good eating and hard workouts – I’m sure you’ll notice a difference in recovery!

Play hard, train harder,


Why I do what I do…

25 Jul

The title of tonight’s blog is Why I do what I do. I’ve chosen this because of what happened this evening at Circuits.
I run a Circuits class, on Hove Lawns, at the bottom of Fourth Avenue every Monday 6.15-7.15pm. Every Monday I chivvy everyone along with texts, Facebook updates, and emails. I am really lucky in that, on most days those who attend or don’t attend contact me so I know how many people to expect. Today, for some reason no-one came back to me so I had no idea what to expect.
So I planned the following circuit:

  • Front raise, side raise with bands
  • Reverse burpees or standard burpees
  • Forearm crawls along the ground
  • Golf swings with a medicine ball
  • Skip one way; jog back
  • Press up with knee lift to side
  • Sumo squat with cable bicep curl.

This is done 1min 30secs work, with 30secs rest for one circuit, then 1min 15 work no rest for a second circuit.

Tonight, I got 1, yes 1(!) participant! The weather was perfect on The Lawns, yet not too busy.
Nic, is a 31-year old, female rugby player. She is quite fit and loves a challenge so this circuit was perfect for her. Having only one participant meant that I could give her my full attention and push ger beyond belief, and that I did! I watched her Shoulders get an amazing pump from the first 3 exercises and her legs turn to jelly as she squeezed her butt through Sumo Squats. She gave 110% and never stopped trying, learning a lot, and asking plenty of questions.

And that folks, is why I do what I do, and why I’m darned good at it. I gave the session my all, and she did in return, and even though I came home out of pocket from the 1 participant, we both had a great time and that’s what it’s all about.

What do you think about circuit training? Love it? Hate it?
What inspires you to do what you do?

Play hard, train harder,
Flick x

p.s. On another note, the Dukan diet wasn’t for my mum. She stopped it on Day 2, through lack of vegetables in the diet. Good for her I say!