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Meals I’m loving at the moment

8 Sep

A friend asked me for some meal inspiration the other day so thought I’d share a couple of meals I’m LOVING at the moment:


2 slices wholegrain bread
3 egg whites
tsp cinnamon, nutmeg and Stevia
tsp honey (optional)

Whisk egg whites, cinammon, nutmeg, stevia together. Soak bread one side then the other in the mixture and pop in a hot pan with spray oil. Turn over after about 45 secs and repeat. Drizzle with tsp honey.
This is my current off-season breakfast staple at the moment.



150g White fish
tsp red pesto
4 olives
50g rice

Cook white fish, cook rice, pop in tupperware with a teaspoon of red pesto over the fish (for good fats) and 4 olives in the box. The pesto and olives work really well together and make white fish a little less boring, again for off-season.


Last part of my post – my pat on the back: Don’t laugh, but I tried my first Nectarine yesterday! (Kirsty -is that what they’re called?) I’m not a big fruit eater but when challenged by two babies under a year and their mums, I didn’t feel like I had a choice! Thanks K and thanks for the tip on when to eat them after buying!

Have a great weekend and remember, play hard, train harder,


Fitness Testing

3 Feb

I write this blog, sitting at my computer, utterly exhausted after a long, hard week’s training! BUT it has brought results, which is all that matters!

One thing I do with my clients to measure their progress is fitness testing. There are variety of ways to measure progress but this is one of my favourites as it shows the client things that they can do now, that they couldn’t do when they started.

One of my new clients wants to increase her fitness and pass a physical to get into the fire service. So I began researching what the pre-requisites are for entry. Do you remember doing the bleep-test at school? Well in most fire brigades that’s now defunct, and has been replaced by the Chester Step Test, which I will be blogging about in the near future.

In the first of many Fitness Testing blogs, I’m going to tell you all about one of my favourite fitness tests, the Balke Treadmill Protocol. I’ve added a link here to BrianMAC sports coach, because if you want any form of fitness test, in an easy to read way, plus analysis of results, that’s your site to go to.

The test measures your VO2 max – in basic terms – your endurance/how long you can ‘go’. I like the test because it is a walking test and so is suitable for most levels of fitness.

The treadmill is set to a speed of 0% incline and 3.3mph/5.3km/hr for men and 3mph/4.5km/hr for women.

For men after the first minute the incline is increased to 2% and then by 1% every minute thereafter.
For women the incline is increased by 2.5% every 3 minutes.

You just keep going until you can’t stop!

Now, the bit I didn’t like about the test was the fact that my treadmill only goes up to 15% (I know some models go up to 20% but not in my bodybuilding gym!) Now bearing in mind I got to 15% by 18 minutes and my heart rate was sitting at a slow 116bpm – this wasn’t really a good indicator of fitness for me. By 24 minutes, I was bored of waiting for my heart rate to increase and to get out of breath so I voluntarily stopped the test. If I find a gym that goes up to an incline of 20 I’ll gladly re-take it.

My VO2 max was roughly worked out as follows:
VO2max = 1.38 × Time + 5.22 so  mine was 38.34mls/kg/min

For men, the calculation is derived as follows:
VO2max = 1.444 × Time +14.99

These values have a +/-2.2 error bias either side.

My score put me into the ‘Excellent’ category, but I wasn’t quite ‘Superior’ – ofcourse I could’ve been, if my pride worked overtime for my boredom of not feeling exerted!

So, is the Balke Treadmill test a valid fitness test? For the beginner/intermediate client yes, definitely. The only limitations really are your own treadmill used, and if you get joint pain (in the knees for example) from walking uphill.

What fitness tests have you done before? Are you ‘fit’? Do you need guidance on appropriate fitness tests to use?

Play hard, train harder,

It’s all about me…

27 Jan

… just occasionally, I like to update you all on how I’m getting along and what I’m doing.

I have had a pretty amazing week to be honest, for which, I’m extremely grateful that I had enough oomph to get me through the whole week in such a spectacular fashion!

I’ve been on my diet for 4 weeks today (Happy Monthiversary!) and making slow, steady progress. I’ve had bags of energy, no food cravings, but I am slowly, starting to get hungry -which shows my metabolism is responding.

On a training note, the thing which I’m most chuffed about, is I’ve just completed my first ever 6km! All of you distance runners out there will scoff at my measly 6km, but I’m the least likely distance athlete you’ll ever meet! I bodybuild, and I used to do Strong Woman, and as a teen I was a 50/100m sprinter and long/triple-jumper – all explosive movements. Slow-twitch fibres, what are they again?!

I also have one more pat on the back going out to Mummy Williams, who has quit smoking for 1-month today! I tell her everyday how proud I am of her so she’s not tempted to go back.

So, on a lovely, bright Friday, I’m thanking the Universe for allowing me to acheive these things and being able to share them with you.

What have you achieved this week? What are you proud of yourself for? What are you going to achieve in the next week/month? What can I get Mummy Williams as a present to say well done for not smoking?

Play hard, train harder


A Round of Applause…

25 Jan

I have been so impressed this week with 2 clients in particular:
Firstly, TJ, my half/marathon trainee has really been going great guns since January, and shown some serious grit and determination. She has lost 7lbs in weight so far and yesterday smashed her time on the treadmill and made it to 31mins! I am so incredibly proud that everything’s finally ‘clicked’ for her.

Secondly, Lucy, http://www.lucypryor.com/wp/ my lovely, talented tattoist client; smashed her PB’s on her Week 10 fitness test and lost 1.5cms off her waist and 1cm off hip hips!

You two have made me the happiest PT ever this week so thank you!

Play hard, train harder,